Let’s Get Angry: A New Hotline to Vent and Rant without Guilt

When we bump into the term “wellness and mental health,” images of yoga sessions, scented candles, and meditation surrounded by bamboo walls automatically come to mind. In our culture, Zen wisdom is synonymous with “spirituality” and “mindfulness,” hence, sanity. It’s something we all aspire to: to be perfectly calm and collected.

Opposite, yelling and swearing are not welcome guests. You are expected to maintain your composure at all times, pretend you have everything under control (even when you clearly don’t), and hold back all your emotions until your next overpriced Thursday therapy session.

Don’t get us wrong: we are all for counseling and positive culture. What we are saying is that there’s no reason to endure pain with a forced smile on your face (we cannot always be calm and collected). And the science agree: studies confirm a not-so-pretty side of mental health: ranting, cursing, and venting are also therapeutic.

Mental illness continues to rise—about 50% among teens and 30% among young adults; while overall happiness levels continue to fall —Americans are the unhappiest they've been in the last 50 years

(The Zebra, July 2021)

Sometimes many of us just feel the need to blow off steam, be allowed not to be ok and crumble, get loud, lose our temper, and say the “F” word as many times as we want. People should be granted the right to get angry without guilt.

Let's Get Angry: A non-judgemental partner who'll always pick up the phone

Let’s Get Angry is a hotline that provides a safe space for those who need a non-judgemental ear. It’s not counseling or therapy, but a service where people can vent their frustrations – a tool that connects you to a real person that will listen until you feel you’ve gotten rid of all your bitterness.

It’s not always possible to have a cathartic drink with a friend, just as we cannot always bring ourselves to share our honest feelings with others (who are, in turn, conditioned by their own beliefs and expectations). Let’s Get Angry promises an unbiased conversation partner who’ll always pick up the phone and be willing to hear you out.

Having a space where letting loose is a privilege that can positively impact your daily interactions as you constructively channel your negative emotions away from where they can do harm.

Next Friday, August 13, Let’s Get Angry will welcome angry callers for the first time in 10-minute calls with its trained agents. As a launching gift, the first 30 people who stop trying to play it cool while they’re seething inside and dare to call will get the service for free.



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