About Us

I’m Feeling Anxious provides a safe place for those who need a friendly and understanding ear to listen.

We don’t offer counseling or therapy, instead, we aim to be a platform where people can find some comfort despite all the problems they might be dealing with at the moment.

Whether you call us or not, we aim to help you feel better with our content, which is provided by our team and other users via blog posts, forums, entertainment pieces, multimedia content and others.


According to the ​​National Alliance on Mental Illness, nearly 20% of the population have an anxiety disorder.
And, besides a medical condition, anxiety is an emotional stage that all of us have experienced at one moment in our lives.
It is proven that talking to someone can relieve stress and it is commonly used by experts as a coping strategy that will allow the person to start a process of healing.

Just Vent

I’m Feeling Anxious serves as a tool for those who need to find a way to vent their worries and concerns.
Sometimes needing continuous support makes us feel like a burden on family or friends, so we stay silent and pile up our emotions.
We want to help you find not only relief but also joy that will help you overcome the grey moments in life, by both being heard and helping others by sharing experiences and interacting with them.

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